The second major obstacle in transcending awareness into action is timing.  

Yes, our own, individual, unique timing can be a major obstacle in transcending awareness into practice.  When the “timing is right”, we do not have to move a finger, we do not have to put any effort at all.  Something we have been aware of for years, suddenly it is as if someone breathes life into that awareness and it comes alive in our body. It transcends into practice, and we find ourselves experiencing our self differently.  It is as if we are not “our self” anymore. But only after the time is right for us. 

I would like to mention here that sometimes awareness can concur with individual timing.  If there is such an overlap, then shifts can and do occur instantaneously.  But this is quite rare. Most often our awareness of what needs modification and what shifts, do not coincide together. 

So for example, if you have been a pleaser all your life, and you have been making endless efforts to become better able to take care of yourself, one sunny, or cloudy, day, when your timing arrives, all of a sudden it seems you are actually able to think about yourself with ease and without any effort or guilt.  This new ability now flows with no obstructions as if you were always able to act this way.  For whatever reason, now was the time that you were able to bring some selfishness over to the other side and make it work for you.  Why now?  I have no idea.  Nobody knows why now the time was right and not 5 years ago when you started noticing and suffering with this unbalance in your behavior.

Timing has its own mind, focus and pace. If we are not able to transcend our awareness into action when we want, sometimes it is because it was the right time for something else in us to be worked on.  Yes, inner shifts and inner expansions can go on without our awareness.  We might be focusing on one concern while it was the right timing for a different problem to be resolved that we were not aware of.

All I can deduct after 40 years of intense observation of and work in shifts in personality patterns, is that there is no doubt that everyone has their own timing for major shifts, and nobody can predict the timing for such shifts.  All I learned over the years is to trust that shifts eventually do come, I just have no clue as to when, this year, next month or in my next lifetime. 

Transcending Awareness

Awareness sucks when you expect your newfound awareness to transcend to action whenever you want. Patience, trust, and continuous effort bring comfort while waiting for awareness to transcend to practice.

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