Transform. Restore. Inspire.

Retreat to Quietude

Individual Retreats

You will leave the retreat quieter, with room to breathe.
You will gain clear understanding where your actions, words, emotions, and reactions come from.

Without a clock dictating the retreat you enter inner dialogues,
leaving you with a clearer vision and sense of momentum propelling you forward.

Meeting you where you are, with your challenges, concerns, pain, or confusion, you will discover the root of the obstacles
blocking your progress and be offered pathways to transcend them, to live a more authentic and fulfilling life.

Surrounded by the beauty of nature, your one-on-one private retreat will be facilitated by the warm, trustworthy, intuitive, and grounded presence of Yolanda Koumidou-Vlesmas.

Choose from a one-, two-, or three- day retreat from May through October.


It’s important to determine if a retreat is right for you. The right timing is crucial for a successful retreat experience.

The first step is a FREE twenty-minute phone consultation with Yolanda Koumidou-Vlesmas. During this contact you share your main concern and receive feedback how and if the retreats will meet your current needs.

The second step is to schedule the two-hour evaluation, in-person or virtual. Your concerns, goals, and readiness for the retreat will be explored. By the end of the evaluation, it will become clear whether it will be beneficial to schedule a retreat or to stop at the evaluation level. If you stop at this level, you will take with you a concrete map of where you are at, where you need to go and a guide as to what modalities will get you there.

The third step is when a retreat is scheduled. When you decide to participate in a retreat and the date is set, you send in the Registration and Disclaimer of Responsibility forms, accompanied by full payment. Soon after, you will receive our ‘16 Practices’ handout and accommodations information.


There is accommodation at the earth-sheltered cave home for one individual, (you will need to bring your own bedding and towels). Or perhaps you prefer pitching your tent or parking your RV on our property.

Arrangements for staying on site are made through Yolanda at the time of registration.

Because the village of Schoharie is small, there are only a limited number of Airbnb and one basic Inn within a five-mile radius from Quietude. For more elaborated accommodations you might want to stay in Sharon Springs, thirty-five minutes’ drive from Quietude.

Arrangements are made directly through the establishments.


During the retreat, we share meals together. For food shopping, should you decide to prepare your own meals, there is an excellent vegetable farm and an organic supermarket close by. In addition, there are several good restaurants in the area, but with limited days of operation.

Fees for accommodations and meals are separate from the retreat fee.


Yolanda brilliantly and gently guided me into a conversation with my primary and disowned selves. Like a sherpa, she carried the energy through the terrain of my awareness. Her loving guidance gave me the confidence and certainty to go to places that hid from my sight. Each step of our journey, Yolanda served as my guide by my side, knowing exactly the path that would help my expansion.  Putting this into words is like describing what a coffee cupcake tastes like; the taste is so personal that words could never express the depth of the love I tasted.

Joe Stumpf

“ I now have room to breathe’, that is how I came away feeling at the end of my retreat…”

So many years of therapists pulling information from me when all the time the answers were in me. This is what working with Yolanda will show you thru her method. This by far has been the most healing work I’ve ever done. It was not a struggle, but a much sought venue for release resulting in immediate release & satisfaction…I am free. -M. Robinson

The 3-day retreat was the best gift I could have given myself…”

“I left my three-day Inner Life Mentoring Retreat with Yolanda feeling completely satisfied. Our energy work and Voice Dialogue facilitations nourished my body, soul, and spirit. Having a part of me who is insatiable, wanting always more and running for the next best thing shift, was such a transformative experience…My deepest gratitude Yolanda”.

-Elizabeth Alanis