Retreat to Quietude

Group Retreats

You will have a catapulting experience.
You will be challenged to look deep inside yourself in an eye-opening adventure.
You will identify areas which you let fall to the wayside in the business of your life.
Utilizing all five senses, your awareness will grow in leaps and bounds.
You will leave with a calm mind, an awakened spirit and much lighter than how you arrived.

Some reasons you may choose a group retreat might be:

Our Group Retreat is limited to 8 participants, for ultimate consideration and attention to every individual in the group. They are time structured, combining group sharing with presentations, and sometimes including yoga and Gong Bath.

Each Group Retreat is theme oriented. A sample of past topics:
Awakening the Inner Aphrodite, Transforming Your Critical Voice, Connecting with Your Body, Searching for Inner Peace.

When you chose a topic that Yolanda has expertise in, and you have a group of minimum 5 people, she is open to organize and facilitate a retreat for your group at Quietude.

Surrounded by the beauty of nature, your retreat will be facilitated by the warm, trustworthy, intuitive, and grounded presence of
Yolanda Koumidou-Vlesmas.

Is a group retreat right for me?

It’s important to determine if a retreat is right for you.

The first step is a FREE twenty-minute phone consultation with Yolanda Koumidou-Vlesmas. During this contact you share your main concern and receive feedback how and if the retreat will meet your current needs.

The second step is when a retreat is scheduled. When you decide to participate in a retreat and the date is set, you send in the Registration and Disclaimer of Responsibility forms, accompanied by full payment. Soon after, you will receive accommodations information.


There is accommodation at the earth-sheltered cave home for one individual, (you will need to bring your own bedding and towels). Or perhaps you prefer pitching your tent or parking your RV on our property.

Arrangements for staying on site are made through Yolanda at the time of registration.

Because the village of Schoharie is small, there are only a limited number of Airbnb and one basic Inn within a five-mile radius from Quietude. For more elaborated accommodations you might want to stay at The American Hotel in Sharon Springs, thirty-five minutes’ drive from Quietude.

Arrangements are made directly through the establishments.


During the retreat, we share meals together. For food shopping, should you decide to prepare your own meals, there is an excellent vegetable farm and an organic supermarket close by. In addition, there are several good restaurants in the area, but with limited days of operation.

Fees for accommodations and meals are separate from the retreat fee.


“Yolanda’s retreats are life changing…Yolanda is an intuitive, compassionate, exceptional teacher and leader….Would come again next year as I have for the last few years as each experience is different every time…” – D. Fiumara

“‘Back to Nature’ at its best! Thoughts provoking and inspiring. Restful yet spiritually energizing. I leave feeling fulfilled and better equipped for whatever life has in store for me.” – Roxanne

“How can I capture this experience with words? I can’t. Through this experience I can see more clearly, I can hear more clearly, I can be. I feel connected, for the first time in a long time, with earth and with myself. Thank you.” – Xylina

“The retreat was an opportunity to slow down, quiet down and listen to parts of myself that are over extended and exhausted as well as parts of myself that need more time and attention…I feel more balanced and ready to re-enter my everyday world.” – Mary

“I highly recommend it! It was helpful in areas I did not expect. I faced many issues as well as relaxed & laughed like I haven’t laughed in years” – Rosemary

“I went on Yolanda’s retreat not knowing what to expect, only to find that the meaning of my happiness is in the loosening of my expectations.” – Christopher Loughlin

“This weekend retreat…was a delightfully introspective one. Many exercises were utilized by the group members to examine more deeply our life choices and approaches to greater fulfillment. Yolanda is a wonderful teacher and guide. She is a patient and thoughtful facilitator. I recommend this restful and life changing experience for anyone wishing to see their journey from a fresh perspective.” – Karen H