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Retreat to Quietude

Couples Retreats

You will become crystal clear of the “dance” between you and how it helps and hinders the level of satisfaction in the relationship. The awareness and skills gained will enable your relationship to get unstuck.

Are these some difficulties in the relationship with your partner?

Our Couples Retreat, utilizing the cutting-edge approach of Bonding Patterns, addresses these challenges, while also offering the opportunity for some breathing time from your daily routine to rest and spend time away, alone together in the country.

Surrounded by the beauty of nature, during your one-on-one private retreat, you and your partner will receive concentrated time with Yolanda Koumidou-Vlesmas, together and separately, in the presence of your partner and/or privately.

Choose from a one-, two-, or three- day retreat from May through October.


It’s important to determine if a retreat is right for you. The right timing is crucial for a successful retreat experience.

The first step is a FREE twenty-minute phone consultation with Yolanda Koumidou-Vlesmas. During this contact you share your main concern and receive feedback how and if the retreats will meet your current needs.

The second step is to schedule the two-hour evaluation, in-person or virtual. Your concerns, goals, and readiness for the retreat will be explored. By the end of the evaluation, it will become clear whether it will be beneficial to schedule a retreat or to stop at the evaluation level. If you stop at this level, you will take with you a concrete map of where you are at, where you need to go and a guide as to what modalities will get you there.

The third step is when a retreat is scheduled. When you decide to participate in a retreat and the date is set, you send in the Registration and Disclaimer of Responsibility forms, accompanied by full payment. Soon after, you will receive our ‘16 Practices’ handout and accommodations information.


There is accommodation at the earth-sheltered cave home for one individual, (you will need to bring your own bedding and towels). Or perhaps you prefer pitching your tent or parking your RV on our property.

Arrangements for staying on site are made through Yolanda at the time of registration.

Because the village of Schoharie is small, there are only a limited number of Airbnb and one basic Inn within a five-mile radius from Quietude. For more elaborated accommodations you might want to stay at The American Hotel in Sharon Springs, thirty-five minutes’ drive from Quietude.

Arrangements are made directly through the establishments.


During the retreat, we share meals together. For food shopping, should you decide to prepare your own meals, there is an excellent vegetable farm and an organic supermarket close by. In addition, there are several good restaurants in the area, but with limited days of operation.

Fees for accommodations and meals are separate from the retreat fee.


“This retreat was life changing. My husband and I connected on levels we never could in our fourteen years of marriage. Leaving us feeling more connected like never with a better understanding of the rhythms of our relationship.” – Connie

“The couples retreat was the best investment in time and money to provide a place where I could see new birth into the relationship and how to protect it.” – Kevin

“I would recommend this type of retreat for all couples. Those with severe problems as well as those who just need a little help to improve. This was great!” – Richard

“Our couples weekend retreat with Yolanda was truly amazing. It was both intense and rewarding. Yolanda is insightful, compassionate, and affirming. We are so glad that we took the time out of our busy lives to give ourselves this gift.” – G & H

“I think any married couple should attend a weekend like this. It opens up your eyes about each other and can only improve your relationship.” – Tim

“…my husband loved the tools we came to get and that to me means the weekend has been more than successful.” – Raimonda

“We didn’t know what to expect. We’ve learned to allow the energy to flow which directed us, rather than an agenda that adds pressure. That allowance to drift with the ideas, thoughts and emotions unlocked much that has been concealed and suppressed for so long. Today we are aware of all that drives our personalities and how to recognize it in each other rather than react. Our couples retreat with Yolanda fed our souls. What we gained is hard to explain. We cherish our self-discoveries. Yolanda is truly gifted!” – Shakti & Ali